Local rules

White stakes – out of bounds
Yellow stakes – water hazard
Red stakes – lateral water hazard

Blue stakes - ground under repair

Yellow distance marker -  150 meters from the T-marker
Red distance marker - 100 meters from the T-marker

Immovable obstructions:

Colorful stakes except of the white stakes, benches, advertising boards, ball cleaner, holes maps, all parts of the watering system and drainage,

stones and protective nets.

Movable obstructions:
Stones in bunkers

People say the nicest things… 


“I've had a lesson with instructor today and must admit that I really liked this place. Instructor was very patient and experienced, friendly staff and beautiful nature. Very recommended!”

           Norbert Moravčík 

“I love y'all.” 

            Kamilka Šalátová



“Championship 2016 hosted by Piestany on a very high level of quality.”

            Ladislav Korvín

Contact us


Andrej Mellen

+421 918 639 642



Amibus GOLF, s.r.o.

Kúpeľný ostrov (Spa Island)

Vrbinky 3612

921 01 Piešťany

IČO: 53482093

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SK73 1100 0000 0029 4209 6199
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